GEA Automation works on the industrial design sector for various manufacturing processes, and it is placed on the market as a professional business whose offer is aimed to a wide range of users. 

GEA Automation has specialized skills and high professional abilities on various fields and, through these ones, it is able to offer personalized services, in order to achieve the full satisfaction of the most demanding Commissions. 

GEA Automation addresses to the Client in order to be a support company: streamlined, efficent and economic, able to face up and solve all issues related to the design and the production of an industrial plant.

GEA Automation is specialized on the development of services of design and management in purely industrial fields on the following areas:

  • Chemical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Petrochemical

  • Petroleum (OIL & GAS)

  • Treatment

  • Water Potable

  • Processes of raw materials (glass/metals)

  • Energy

  • Combustion



Thanks to elevated professional skills and experience acquired during these years, GEA Automation is able to offer the following engineering services:

Technical advices (managerial, mechanical, electrical, instrumental, software);

Technical element's acquisition and mechanical, electrical, instrumental engineering's development (basic, detailed e constructive);

Project management and national/foreign fields work's coordination;

Expediting on current activities and material's supply.

    • 3D Design/Modeling based on Customer's P&Id and Specifications

    • 3D model of piping equipments and structures/support

    • Piping sketches

    • Pressure equipment detailed drawings

    • Structures/support detailed drawings

    • Bill of material for construction

    • Foundation loads, structural and lifting calculations

    • Stress analysis

    • Welding book and non-destructive testing procedures

    • Packing procedures and packing lists.

    Mechanical Engineering

    • Realization of technical relations according to D.M 37/08;

    • Design of MT/BT electric cabinets including transformer's dimensioning, MT cells and Power center panels and related auxiliary utilities 

    • Coordination and related calibration reports on MT protection systems

    • Electrical wiring diagrams for power supply cabinets with fixed and or extractable drawers MCC type

    • Electric wiring diagram distribution panels in LV

    • Electric wiring diagrams of automation and control with PLC logic

    • Electrical wiring diagrams for plumbing/drainage boxes for plants in hazardous area (ATEX/IECEx)

    • Design of light, power and special forces for safe and/ or hazardous areas ATEX/IECEx

    • Primary/Seconday and Equipotential earth and protection against atmospheric discharge

    Electrical engineering

    • Instruments and valves list

    • Instruments and valves datasheet

    • Instrumental primary hook-up

    • Pneumatic secondary hook-up

    • electric secondary Hook-up

    • Junction box layout and relative terminal blocks

    • Loop & Logic diagram

    • Instrument wiring overview (IWO)

    • FAT and SAT procedures

    Instrumental Engineering



  • Process Automation

  • Programming controllers and fail-safe logic

  • Redundant systems configuration and programming

  • DCS Systems

  • BMS Systems

  • Scada & HMI Systems

  • Remote supervisions

  • Processing and data exchange

Our Team boasts the use of the best logical controllers (PLC):

  • Siemens

  • ABB

  • Hima

  • Schneider-Electric

  • GE

  • Others upon request


Surveys and Measures

Mechanical Inspections

  • Visual test (VT)

  • Dimensional test (DT)

  • Magnetical particles test (MT)

  • Dye penetrating test (PT)

  • Radiographic test (RT)

  • Ultrasonic test (UT)

  • Leakage test (LT)

  • Hydraulic test

  • Hardness test (HT)

Electrical Inspections

  • Calibration and electrical protection test MT/BT

  • Resistance/resistivity measures of the ground (contact pitch) 

  • Earth and equipotential measurements

  • Insulation tests and dielectric rigidity

  • Tests on different switches

  • Measurement of luminance values with luxmeter

  • Noise tests

Inspections/ Automation Test

  • Functional tests I/O control automation panels

  • Logical test automation software

  • Bus communication's tests



Electrical Panels

  •  MT/BT Electric Panels

  • Power center Electric panels

  • BT distribution, light and control's electric panels

  • Motor control center/pull-out drawers

Electrical Systems

  • Transformer Cabins

  • Energy production's Stations

  • System of transformation and transport's energy MT/BT

  • Distribution System's

  • Explosion-proof installations

  • Lighting Systems

  • Renevable energy plants

  • Board machine installations

  • Renovation of existing installations without stopping the service

Electro-instrumental Systems

  • Installation of process instrumentation

  • Cabling

  • Instrumental Primary ( Tubing )

  • Instrumental secondary

  • Pneumatic connections

  • Instrument air

  • Instrumental Board machine's plant

  • Loop check and loop test

  • Calibration and check-up of tools

Assistance and Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Extraordinary Maintenance

  • Technical Assistance post-selling

  • Spare parts managements

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