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For what concerns Installation area, Gea Automation supplies services for plant's installation and maintenance, and industrial automation, from the mechanic, electrical, instrumental and pneumatic point of view.

Gea automation is able to work on partial handling plants, but also complete handling plants or turn-key plants.

In particular Gea Automation is specialized in the following activities:

  • Complete installation of automated plants; during these years the society acquired experience on the installation of: Stucker Cranes, Translating shuttles, overheads warehouse.

  • Metallic structures installations (shelvings, lofts, ...)

  • Installation of plant's parts

  • Dismantling and relocation of Plants

  • Maintenance

After more than ten years of experience on the field of industrial installation, our society offers hight quality services in Italy and abroad.
In order to make you saving money, we follows all the steps independently.

  • High-qualified staff

  • Out staff is equipped with: special machine's licences such as: forklifts or aerial work platforms..

  • Moreover, our staff has got : certificate of firts aid, firefighting and job's safety

  • We will organize our jorneys  independently, choosing the best way of transport linked to the distance

  • Professional and last-generation equipments such as: screwdrivers, hammers, core machines, grinding disc, drills, welders, laser levellers, laser meters,..

  • Daily-weekly work reports

  • Our staff could work accordingly with CAD 2D-3D drawings with DXF/DWG format

  • Staff equipped with all DPI resources and suitable outfit

  • Delivery time's respect: all the jobs will be previously scheduled towards daily-working plans, strictly respected by our staff.


Supply of all elements (mechanical and electrical)

Customer & Gea Automation

Planning of Installation activities 

Customer & Gea Automation

Fullfillment of healthy and safety requirements on work's place

Gea Automation

Mechanical and electrical plant installation 

Customer & Gea Automation

Test and power-on

Customer & Gea Automation

Assistance and put in service

Customer & Gea Automation

After sale service

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