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Nowadays, Industrial Logistic Automation represents a competitive strenght's point, able to improve company's performance optimising organisation aspect, reducing time and management costs and improving job conditions of the workers.


Gea Automation supplies a wide consultancy service that includes analisis, planning and realisazion of Handling Automation's integrated systems with high technology, able to semplify activities and increase your company's productivity. 

Gea Automation takes part to the realisation of logistic solutions, on partnership with production market leaders in the field of Automation warehouses, and on Handling.


The experience acquired and system integration skills on high tech products, allowed Gea Automation to develop the best solutions and specific applications in according with the proposing offer.

Gea Automation's Offer, is completed by Logistic Check-up, feasibility study and activities of global service.

We propose a studing phase and a definition of the best solution, for all the projects: from the easiest to the most difficult. This solution considers Customer's expectations, data, and real constraints in order to have the best financial gain between the different options.

Gea Automation proposes itself as the only referent for full management of projects, installations and products.

Gea Automation plans global solutions, for internal handling's goods and products management, from the delivery to the loading, from stocking to picking, developing personal systems, complex installations, trasport lines and distribution's warehouses.


Logistic Consultancy

Our consultancy service is composed by: planning and analysis of handling automation integrated systems on high technology, (manual or automatic warehouses - conveyors - robotic cells - palletizing - picking - etc.)

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study, has the aim to define, all the objectives to reach and to verify the feasibility of the project from the technical and economic point of view, according with the Client.

  • Objectives and projectual constraints definition

  • Analysis of Projectual Data

  • Looking for the better economic and technical solutions.

  • Macro-dimensioning of modules that set up the system 

  • General Layout's realisation with identification of main automation modules

  • Macro budget's definition to quantify the economic investment.

Executive Project

Following, we list the activities we can carry out within executive's planning tasks, in order to reach the definition of a technical and economic supply

  • Operational logics definition

  • Flow-diagram

  • Definition of handling's unit

  • Object's incoding and identification

  • Selection between different options

  • Project of new layout

  • Techical specifications of supply

  • Performance calculation

  • Hardware and Software's setup

  • Description of general function

  • Development of master-plan's project

Procurement service

  • Supplier's Research

  • Offer analysis

  • Offer schedule

  • Supplier selection




The fast technology's change on electric and electronic's area, brings to some difficults to maintain the quality of Automatic Plants that live about 20 years, (especially to find spare parts).

Moreover, old Palnts are a lot less strong than new's one, that use new technologie

Safety aspects are also more important cause they could not satisfy recent laws.

Our proposal concerns service's supply that are: system's re-engineering, intervention of mechanical adjustment, hardware's parts subsitution, software's remaking and legalising of the Plants.

To complete all our services, we can provide also a preventive maintenance service. 


Project Management


Project's development, respecting time and objectives, it requires a continuos and careful activity's management. For this aim, it is necessary to have a complex organizing structure in which the most important referent through the Client will be represented by a single figure: the Project Manager.

We can provide our Project Manager for your project's management, from the simplex to the most complex.

Gea Automation's Project Manager takes part to Project's Team direction, linking it with company's services, suppliers and with the Customer.

The Project Manager has a continuous relationship with the Customer that concerns: the activities and resource's management, material's supply and coordination of all Project's activities.

All that, with the aim to satisfy the Customer and make him able to reach technical, times and cost's objectives. 

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